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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Quiz On Great Personalities Of India : Dr. B.R Ambedkar

1. When was Bhim Rao Ambedkar born?

[A]5 February1883
[B]24 August 1884
[C]14 April 1891
[D]21 October 18832

2. Where was Bhimrao Ambedkar born?


3. What was ‘Mookanayaka’?

[A]Ambedkar's Pen Name
[B]The name of Ambedkar's biography
[C]Ambedkar's Newspapers
[D]None of the above

4. Which decision of Mahatma Gandhi was opposed by Ambedkar?

[A]Calling the lower castes as "Harijans"
[B]Satyagraha Movement
[C]Quit India Movement
[D]Partioning India

5. What was Bahishkrit Hitkarni Sabha founded by Dr. B.R Ambedkar?

[A]A publication by Dr. Ambedkar
[B]A society founded to for the welfare of the outcastes
[C]School for the chldren of outcastes started by Ambedkar
[D]A book based on one of his thesis

6. Which text was ceremonially burnt by Ambedkar and his followers?

[D] Manusmriti

7. Which party did Ambedkar found during the pre-Independent Era?

[A]Bahujan Samaj Party
[B]Azad Hind fouj
[C]Independent Labor Party
[D]Scheduled Castes Federation

8. Which religion did Bhimrao Ambedkar embrace in 1956?

[D]None of the above

9. Name the portfolio handled by Dr. Ambedkar in an independent, free India.

[A]Finance Ministry
[B]Home Ministry
[C]Law Ministry
[D]Textile Ministry

10. When did Bhimrao Ambedkar die?

[A]31 March 1964
[B]18 June 1968
[C]30 September 1960
[D]6 December 1956