Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Latest Current Affairs And GK Quiz For October 3, 2017.

1. Which country on Oct 1, 2017 starred collecting "sin" taxes on tabacco products, energy drinks and soft drinks?
[Category: International Current Affairs]
[A]United Arab Emirates

2. Who won the 2017 Malaysian Grand Prix?
[Category: Sports Current Affairs]
[A]Kimi Raikkonen
[B]Sebastian Vettel
[C]Max Verstappen
[D]Lewis Hamilton

3. Which state government will launch a drive against child marriage and dowry on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti?
[Category: Political Current Affairs]
[A]Uttar Pradesh

4. Which iconic place has been adjudged the cleanest place in the country under Swachhta Hi Seva (Cleanliness Is Service) program?
[Category: India Current Affairs]
[A]Taj Mahal
[B]Golden Temple
[C]Ajmer Sharif Dargah
[D]Meenakshi Sundareswarai Temple

5. President Ramnath Kowind on October 2, 2017 declared the urban areas of which state as opened Defection Free?
[Category: India Current Affairs]

6. How many female assitant referees has been choosen by FIFA to affiliate the matches in FIFA Cup U-17 World Cup?
[Category: Sports Current Affairs]

7. Who won 2017 Isle of the Man chess championship?
[Category: Sports Current Affairs]
[A]Garry Kasparov
[B]Viswanathan Anand
[C]Magnus Carlsen
[D]Hou Yifen

8. Jeffrey C. Hall , Michael Rashbash & Michael W. Young have won the 2017 Nobel Prize in the field of _______?
[Category: International Current Affairs]
[B]Physiology And Medicine

9. International day of Non-Violence is observed on ?
[Category: International Current Affairs]
[A]2 October
[B]3 October
[C]28 September
[D]20 November

10. Name the Indian Entrepreneur who won the international business person of the year at Asian achievers awards for his efforts to bring innovative IT Solution to Africa?
[Category: India Current Affairs]
[A]Sandeep Aggarwal
[B]Sachin Bhatia
[C]Rana Kapoor
[D]Birendra Jasmal

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