Friday, October 27, 2017

Ashoka The Great Quiz : Great Personalities Of India

1. To which dynasty did Ashoka belonged to?


2. When was Ashoka born?

[A]304 BC
[B]208 BC
[C]501 BC
[D]602 BC

3. In which city was Ashoka born?


4. What was the name of Ashoka's grandfather?

[B]Chandragupt Maurya
[D]Dasaratha Maurya

5. After witnessing the mass deaths in which war, Ashoka embraced Buddhism?

[A]Battle of Plassey
[B]Kalinga War
[C]Indraprastha Yudha
[D]None of the above

6. What made Ashoka earned the name 'Chand Ashoka' ?

[A]He built a horrific torture chamber
[B]He faught more battles than any other Indian King
[C]It is believed that he killed 99 of his brothers to assend the throne
[D]None of the above

7. Who helped Ashoka spread Buddhism in Ceylon & built thousands of Stupas & Viharas?

[A]His daughter Sanghamitra
[B]His Son Mahindra
[C]Both Of the above
[D]None of the above

8. The Ashoka Chakra on the Indian flag is a depiction of Dharmachakra. How may spokes does it have?


9. The Lion Capital of Ashoka from Sarnath has inspired which of the following

[A]RBI's official stamp
[B]The National Emblem Of India
[C]Logo of the Indian Postal Service
[D]Logo of the National Railways

10. Who were the four animals in the Sarnath Capital that symbolize Lord Buddha's life ?

[A]Cat, Horse, Dog, Tiger
[B]Tiger, lion, Wolf, Horse
[C]Elephant, Bull, Tiger, Lion
[D]Elephant, Bull, Horse, Lion

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