Wednesday, September 27, 2017

World Tourism Day Quiz | UNWTO Quiz

1. Which day is celebrated as World Tourism Day every year?
[A]22 September
[B]24 September
[C]27 September
[D]30 September

2. Since when, the United Nations World Tourism Organization is celebrating World Tourism Day?

3. The date for World Tourism Day was chosen as the Statutes of the UNWTO were adopted in which year?

4. The UNWTO General Assembly decided to designate a host country each year to act as the Organization's partner in the celebration of World Tourism Day in October 1997 at its Twelfth Session. In which country this session was held?
[A]Istanbul, Turkey
[B]New Delhi, India
[C]Beijing, China
[D]Newyork, USA

5. Who proposed the idea of marking September 27 of every year as World Tourism Day?
[A]Taleb Rifai
[B]Ignatius Amaduwa Atigbi
[C]Robert Lonati
[D]Francesco Frangialli

6. What is the colour of World Tourism Day?

7. Where is headquarters of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) located?
[A]Madrid, Spain
[B]Moscow, Russia
[C]Beijing, China
[D]Newyork, USA

8. UNWTO’s membership includes _________ countries, 6 territories and over 500 affiliate members representing the private sector, educational institutions, tourism associations and local tourism authorities.

9. The General Assembly is the principal gathering of the World Tourism Organization. It meets every _______ years to approve the budget and programme of work and to debate topics of vital importance to the tourism sector.

10. The official languages of UNWTO are Arabic, English, French, Russian and __________.

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