Monday, September 25, 2017

IEO Mock Tests for Class 4 | International English Olympiad | Test - 5

1. June is the _______ month of the year.
[Category: Adverbs and Adjectives]
[A] hot
[B] hotter
[C] more hotter
[D] hottest

2. Which of the two paintings is ________ ?
[Category: Adverbs and Adjectives]
[A] good
[B] the better
[C] better
[D] the best

3. Hermione _________ like wasting time in gossip.
[Category: Contractions]
[A] don't
[B] doesn't
[C] isn't
[D] wasn't

4. _________ reading J.K. Rowling's book.
[Category: Contractions]
[A] She'll
[B] She'd
[C] She've
[D] She's

5. Tanvi will buy _______ new doll.
[Category: Articles and Prepositions]
[A] a
[B] an
[C] the
[D] no article

6. _________ Earth is bigger than _______ Mars.
[Category: Articles and Prepositions]
[A] The,no article
[B] The,a
[C] An,a
[D] A,a

7. Have you got an eraser
[Category: Punctuations]
[A] Have you got an eraser?
[B] Have You Got An Eraser?
[C] haveyougotanERASER
[D] have you got an eraser !

8. Do you know my name
[Category: Punctuations]
[A] do you know my name.
[B] Do you know my name?
[C] do you Know my name?
[D] Do you know my name!

9. is/interesting/very/book/this
[Category: Jumbled words]
[A] Is this very interesting book.
[B] This book interesting is very.
[C] Book is very interesting this.
[D] This book is very interesting.

10. are / curtains / very / the / expensive / ?
[Category: Jumbled words]
[A] Very expensive are the curtains?
[B] The curtains are very expensive?
[C] Are the curtains expensive very?
[D] Are the curtains very expensive?

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