Tuesday, April 5, 2016

GK Quiz - 5 April 2016

1. The Earth is surrounded by an insulating blanket of gases which protects it from the light and heat of the Sun. This insulating layer is called the _________________________.
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2. Mercalli scale is a lesser known measure of what important natural phenomenon?
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[C]Typhoon with wind
[D]Lightning strike frequency

3. Farad is the unit of _______________________.
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[A]Electrical capacitance
[B]Magnetic flux
[C]Electromotive force
[D]Electrical conductivity

4. The element first detected spectroscopically in the Sun’s atmosphere is _________.
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5. Until the nineteenth century, aluminium was almost as expensive as gold. The invention of an inexpensive way to extract this metal by a 22-year-old American made this metal inexpensive subsequently. The inventor was __________________________.
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[D]Charles Martin Hall

6. When was the Third International Day of the Girl Child observed across the world?
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[A]9th October, 2014
[B]11th October, 2014
[C]12th October, 2014
[D]14th October, 2014

7. International Edition of Encyclopedia of Hinduism by India Heritage Research Foundation was released in _____________ on 10th October 2014.
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[A]New Delhi

8. Where has the month-long ritual Akashdeep (skylight) started to honour the soldiers who laid down their lives for the motherland since Independence in 1947?
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9. Bombay Court on 10th October 2014 ruled in favour of Vodafone in________________ tax dispute case.
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[A]3200 crore rupees
[B]1600 crore rupees
[C]2200 crore rupees
[D]2800 crore rupees

10. Which Indian state government on 10th October 2014 prohibited the ongoing strike at the auto component maker Bosch’s plant in Bangalore?
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[D]Madhya Pradesh

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