Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Indian Polity Quiz

1. If India decides to have Presidential form of government, the first and foremost amendment has to be made affecting the _________________________.
[A]Executive-legislature relationship
[B]System of judiciary
[C]Provision pertaining to fundamental rights
[D]Composition of Parliament

2. The 42nd amendment to the Indian Constitution is notable because it gives ________________________________.
[A]Special treatment to Sikkim
[B]Special treatment to Jammu and Kashmir
[C]Primacy to Fundamental Rights over Directive Principle
[D]Primacy to Directive Principles over Fundamental Rights

3. By which amendment was the power of the lok Sabha to amend the Constitution affirmed?

4. Which of the following amendments provided for the extention of reservation of SC's and ST's for another 10 years?

5. Which of the following words were added to the Indian Constitution by 42nd Amendment?
[D]Socialist Secular

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