Sunday, December 7, 2014

Science Multiple Choice Questions with Answers - 05 Dec 2014

1. One of the potential health effects of exposure to high levels of noise is called tinnitus which means _______________________________.
[A]Abdominal discomfort from low frequency noise
[B]A temporary loss of hearing, especially of upper frequencies
[C]A permanent loss of hearing
[D]A persistent ringing or hissing in the ears after exposure

2. Plants get their nitrogen from ______________________.
[B]The soil
[C]The Bedrock
[D]The air

3. Some physicians suggest that women supplement their diets with antacids to supply additional amounts of a certain element thought to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. The ingredient in antacids which provides this element is _________________________.
[B]Magnesium hydroxide
[C]Aluminium hydroxide
[D]Calcium carbonate

4. If you started with 100 gms of each of the materials below and they all vaporized inside of an inflatable baloon,which of them would produce the largest volume baloon, assuming they were all at the same temperature?

5. The estrogen and androgen hormones which regulate sexual development and function are structurally related to _________________________________.
[A]Beta carotene

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