Monday, December 8, 2014

Indian Polity, Constitution, Political System in India Quiz - 09 Dec 2014

1. Who formed the Indian National Union in 1854?
[A]Henry Cotton
[C]Dadabhai Naoroji
[D]Badruddin Tyabji

2. Who headed the Cabinet Mission to India?
[A]Hugh Gaitskell
[C]Stafford Cripps
[D]Lord Pethick Lawrence

3. Which of the following states was not annexed by Lord Dalhousie using the Doctrine of Lapse?

4. The Union territory of Mizoram was formed out of the north eastern territories of Assam in 1962. In which year was full status of state conferred upon it?

5. Which of the following is the competent authority to verify the validity of an Act of Parliamnet?
[B]Prime Minister
[C]Supreme Court
[D]Speaker of Lok Sabha

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