Monday, December 1, 2014

General Science Exams Objective Questions Answers - 2 Dec 2014

1. Which of the following would reflect light rather than refract light?
[A]A small lens
[B]A shiny mirror
[C]A magnifying glass
[D]A dull black paper

2. A student is playing a guitar. Some of the strings vibrate more quickly than other strings. What effect does this have on the sound?
[A]The faster vibrating strings make louder sounds
[B]The faster vibrating strings make lower sounds
[C]The faster vibrating strings make softer sounds
[D]The faster vibrating strings make higher sounds

3. Fools gold - is a common name for which mineral?

4. Which two gases are used to disinfect water in sewage treatment facilities?
[A]Ozone and Chlorine
[B]Helium and nitrogen
[C]Oxygen and hydrogen
[D]Nitrogen and chlorine

5. Which of the following building materials has the highest thermal conductivity?
[A]Common brick
[C]Gypsum board or dry wall
[D]Southern pine wood

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