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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

UPSC QUIZ: Indian Polity & Constitution - 11 Nov 2014

1. The constitution of India does not provide for impeachment of which of the following?
[A]Governor of an Indian state
[B]Chief Justice of India
[C]President of India
[D]Vice-President of India

2. Which among the following is not a Panchayati Raj institution?
[A]Gram Sabha
[B]Gram Panchayat
[C]Gram Cooperative Society
[D]Nyaya Panchayat

3. Which of the following is an extra constitutional body?
[A]Planning Commission
[B]Finance Commission
[C]Election Commission

4. The Assam Reorganization Act, 1969 created which of the following state?
[A]Meghalaya only
[B]Mizoram only
[C]Arunachal Pradesh only
[D]Manipur, Tripura and Nagaland

5. Which among the following is not true regarding the 42nd Amendment Act, 1976 which is also called a mini constitution of India?
[A]The amendments were mainly to give effect to the recommendation of Swaran Singh Committtee
[B]The words liberty, equality and fraternity were added in the constitution
[C]Directive principles of state policy were extended
[D]Fundamental duties of the citizens added