Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Science Basic Objective Questions With Answers Quiz - 25 Nov 2014

1. Radio-immunoassay(RIA) is a therapy used __________________________.
[A]To cure lung cancer
[B]To cure AIDS
[C]To cure fractures in bones
[D]To detect antibodies and hormones present in blood samples

2. Who invented LED?
[A]Dr.Solomon Berson
[B]Oleg Losev
[C]Dr. Virgina Apgar
[D]Leon Battista Alberti

3. Which variety of coal contains the highest percentage of carbon?

4. What is dry ice?
[A]Water Ice
[B]Solid carbon dioxide
[C]Liquid nitrogen
[D]Frozen ethanol

5. Which of the folowing measurement is not a unit of distance?

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