Friday, November 7, 2014

Science and Technology Knowledge Quiz - 07 November 2014

1. What is dendrochronology?
[A]Using the well-known format of the family tree to document family histories.
[B]A method of determining the age of wood by examining the tree growth rings
[C]A system by which trees are classified
[D]The study of hair and scalp

2. In which year cellophane was invented?

3. Which of the following statements about acid rain is not true?
[A]Acid rain can damage soil too
[B]One rainfall will elevate the acidity of a lake to damaging proportions
[C]Acid rain existed long before man-made technologies did
[D]Lakes in limestone areas can neutralize the acid to varying degrees

4. Where are protons and neutrons located in an atom?
[A]Distributed equally throughout the atom
[B]In the nucleus
[C]As a pair attached to the electrons
[D]As part of three electron cloud

5. What occurs when a new compund is formed?
[A]Atoms are rearranged
[B]Energy is destroyed
[C]Atoms are lost
[D]New matter is created

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