Thursday, November 13, 2014

Polity and Constitution for IAS and PCS Examinations - 13 November 2014

1. The Supreme Court's Samata judgement nullified all mining leases granted by the State government of Andhra Pradesh in the Scheduled Areas and asked it to stop all mining operations, thus protecting the land of tribal people. Under which of the following schedules of the Indian Constitution, Supreme Court has protected the land of the tribal people through this judgemnet?
[A]Schedule 2
[B]Schedule 5
[C]Schedule 9
[D]Schedule 6

2. Which among the following article was inserted in the Indian Constitution by 42nd amendment, 1976, in purview of India being a signatory of Stockholm Conference of 1972?
[A]Article 48A
[B]Article 51A
[C]Article 47A
[D]Article 45

3. In which year Public Debt Act was passed?

4. Who among the following heads the Economic Intelligence Council in India?
[A]Prime Minister
[B]Finance Minister
[C]RBI Governor
[D]RBI-Deputy Governor

5. The Constitution of India gives a right to audience in all courts of India, to whom among the following?
[A]Attorney General of India
[B]Solicitor General of India
[C]Chief Justice of India
[D]President of India

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