Monday, November 24, 2014

Policy, Politics and Constitution of India Quiz - 24 Nov 2014

1. Which article provides for the transfer of a judge from one High Court to another?
[A]Article 222
[B]Article 225
[C]Article 239
[D]Article 243

2. Which committee was set up in 1999 to submit a report on teaching Fundamental Duties to citizens?
[A]K. Parsaran Committee
[B]Justice Verma Committee
[C]Justice Shree Krishna Committee
[D]Justice Anand Committee

3. Statutory recognition to the portfolio system was accorded by ___________________.
[A]Indian Councils Act of 1861
[B]Indian Councils Act of 1871
[C]Indian Councils Act of 1882
[D]Indian Councils Act of 1892

4. Who for the first time made a call for having a Constituent Assembly for drafting the Indian Constitution?
[A]Motilal Nehru
[C]Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
[D]Mahatma Gandhi

5. The purpose of the inclusion of directive principles of state policy in the Indian Constitution is to establish _________________________.
[A]Social democracy
[B]Social and economic democracy
[C]Political democracy
[D]Gandhian democracy

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