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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Daily Practice Quiz Current Affairs News - 13 Nov 2014

1. When did China launch its Made in China campaign to retain its manufacturing prowess?
[Category: REIT Exams Current Affairs]
[A]22nd September, 2014
[B]26th September,2014
[C]25th September, 2014
[D]27th September, 2014

2. Which short range surface-to-surface missile was test fired by Pakistan recently?
[Category: Rural Banks Exams Current Affairs]
[A]Hatf IX
[D]Shaheen 1A

3. Which Indian state government on 26th September 2014 announced a Price Stabilisation Fund for Green Tea Leaf with a corpus of 12 crore rupees?
[Category: Gramin Banks Exams Current Affairs]
[C]Andhra Pradesh
[D]Tamil Nadu

4. State Bank of India (SBI), the country’s largest lender on 26th September 2014 announced that it has signed a Line of Credit (LoC) of __________________ with Export-Import Bank of Korea 
[Category: Bank PO Current Affairs]
[A]250 million dollar
[B]120 million dollar
[C]500 million dollar
[D]400 million dollar

5. Supreme of India on 24th September 2014 cancelled allocation of _____ out of 218 coal blocks which were allocated to various companies since 1993.
[Category: CWE Current Affairs]