Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Constitutional Polity Framework in India - 04 Nov 2014

1. Legislative powers of the state of Jammu and Kashmir don't extend to the matters with respect to which, the Parliament has power to make laws for the states under the constitution of India. The above provision finds its place in which of the following?
[A]Constitution of India, Article 238
[B]Constitution of India, Article 370
[C]Constitution of India, Part IV
[D]Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir

2. Which of the following cannot be claimed by the foreigners of India?
[A]Right to Freedom of Religion
[B]Right to Life and Liberty
[C]Equality before law
[D]Freedom of speech and expression

3. In India, the responsibility for recognition and vesting of forest rights and distribution of land rights rests with which of the following?
[A]State and Union Territory governments
[B]Local governments
[C]Ministry of Environment and Forests
[D]Ministry of Tribal Affairs

4. In which of the following, the realization from sale of minority shareholding of the government in profitable Central Public Sector Enterprises are channelized in India?
[A]Public Account
[B]National Investment Fund
[C]Contingency Fund of India
[D]Consolidated Fund of India

5. Which of the following part of the constitution enshrine distinct provisions for the education of children from 0-6 years?
[A]Fundamental rights
[B]Fundamental duties
[C]Directive principles of state policy
[D]Economic Equality

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