Friday, November 7, 2014

Basic General Knowledge GK Quiz - 07 Nov 2014

1. Partha was the name of which of the following character in Mahabharata?
[Category: MPEB Exams GK]

2. _________________ contributes to the replenishmnet of the soil.
[Category: CAT Exams GK]

3. Garo and Khasi hills are a part of which of the following ranges?
[Category: CTET Exams GK]

4. _________________ ruler belonged to Mamulak dynasty.
[Category: IFSC Exams GK]
[A]Alauddin Khilji
[B]Ibrahim Lodhi
[C]Mohammed Ghori

5. Lord Clement Atlee was Prime Minister of England at which of the following events?
[Category: MAT Exams GK]
[A]Simon Commission
[B]Quit India Movement
[C]India's Independence
[D]Government of India Act,1935


Unknown said...

The twin principles of Mahatma Gandhi’s
Ram Rajya were—
(A) Truth and Non-violence
(B) Right means and Right ends
(C) Khadi and Ahimsa
(D) Satyagraha and Non-violence

Someone Pls answer this, many sources give different answers. That's why

Unknown said...

Right means and right ends