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Friday, October 3, 2014

Science Mcq For Class 10 - 3rd October 2014

1. NaCl is the chemical formula of _______________________.
[C]Sodium Chloride
[D]Hydrogen Peroxide

2. Some soils hold water better than others. The difference is caused by _____________________.
[A]The size of the grains of soil
[B]The heaviness of the grains of soil
[C]The size of the spaces between the grains of soil
[D]The temperature of the water as it enters the soil

3. Mycology is the scientific study of _________________.

4. A red pigment found in vertebrate blood that functions in oxygen transport is

5. What is the function of ribosomes in cells?
[A]To control cellular division
[B]To provide energy to the cell
[C]Translate and form lipids
[D]Package lipids