Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Science for Exams MCQ - 15 Oct 2014

1. The virus of AIDS affects the growth of __________________________.
[A]Grey cells in brain
[B]T cells in blood
[C]Red corpuscles in blood

2. The hydrological cycle ________________________.
[A]Is a water transfer cycle
[B]Has a beginning but no end
[C]Occurs continuously in nature
[D]Has two phases: rainfall and run off

3. From which part of the Geranium plant is its oil (used In making perfumes) extracted?

4. Hydrogen bomb is based on the principle of ________________________________.
[A]Uncontrolled fission reaction
[B]Controlled fission reaction
[C]Controlled fusion reaction
[D]Uncontrolled fusion reaction

5. 'Bar' is the unit of ______________________.
[B]Atmospheric pressure

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