Thursday, October 9, 2014

Polity and Constitutional Questions Answers - 9 Oct 2014

1. Which one of the following is in the concurrent list in the Constitution of India?
[A]Capitation taxes
[B]Population Control and Family Planning
[C]Treasure trove
[D]Public Health and Sanitation

2. What is Oligarchy?
[A]Govt. by a few people
[B]Govt. by majority
[C]Govt. by a priestly class
[D]Govt. by military people

3. The Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee is normally _______________________.
[A]The Prime Minister
[B]Leader of the opposition party
[C]The Speaker
[D]The Finance Minister

4. State Governors hold office ________________________.
[A]During the pleasure of the President
[B]For a fixed and unalterable term
[C]During the pleasure of the Chief Minister
[D]During the pleasure of the Attorney General

5. The writ prohibition ensures _____________________________________.
[A]That no person remains in jail without any cause
[B]Issuing directions by a higher court to lower court
[C]Issuing direction by Supreme Court or High Courts to anybody to do some particular thing
[D]Stopping proceedings in a lower court on the ground of excess of jurisdiction

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