Monday, October 6, 2014

Policy, Constitution in India MCQ for Exams - 6th October 2014

1. The Chairman of the Public Accounts Commission(PAC) is ______________________________.
[A]Appointed by the speaker
[B]Appointed by the President
[C]Elected by members of PAC
[D]Elected by the Union Cabinet

2. Which of the following can be abolished but not dissolved?
[A]Rajya Sabha
[B]State Legislative Council
[C]Municipal bodies
[D]None of the above

3. The Prime Minister must be a member of ________________.
[A]Lok Sabha
[B]Rajya Sabha
[C]State Legislature
[D]Public Accounts Committee

4. Zonal Councils have been created by ______________________.
[A]National Development Council
[B]Act of Parliament
[C]Government Resolution

5. The first Municipal Corporation was established at ________________.

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