Friday, October 10, 2014

IPC - Indian Polity and Constitution - Quiz - 10 Oct 2014

1. Which one of the following comes under the jurisdiction of both the High Court and the Supreme Court?
[A]Disputes between the Centre and the States
[B]Disputes between the States inter se
[C]Protection of the Fundamental Rights
[D]Protection against violation of the Constitution

2. Who among the following enjoys the rank of a Cabinet Minister in the Union Cabinet?
[A]Secretary to the Government of India
[B]Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission
[C]Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister
[D]Supreme Court Judge

3. The basic structure theory of the Constitution of India implies that _____________________________________________________________.
[A]Certain features of the Constitution are so essential that they cannot be abrogated
[B]Fundamental Rights cannot be abridged or taken away
[C]The Constitution cannot be amended except in accordance with the procedure prescribed in Act 368
[D]The Preamble of the Constitution cannot be amended for it is not a part of the Constitution and at the same time represents its real spirit

4. Which one of the following statements regarding Judiciary in India is correct?
[A]Subordinate courts are at the head of the Judiciary hierarchy of the State
[B]Supreme Court of India is free from the control and influence of legislature and executive
[C]The Chief Justice and other judges of the High Court are appointed by the Governor in consultation with the Chief Justice of India
[D] A High Court can withdraw a case from a subordinate court and can deal with the case itself if it is satisfied that the case involves a substantial point of constitutional law

5. If in an election to a State Legislative Assembly, the candidate who is declared elected loses his deposit, it means that ___________________________________________.
[A]The polling was very poor
[B]The election was for a multi-member constituency
[C]The elected candidate’s victory over his nearest rival was very marginal
[D]A very large number of candidates contested the election

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