Wednesday, October 22, 2014

General Knowledge | Awareness Quiz | 22 Oct 2014

1. WL-711 and DWL- 5023 are varieties of ___________.
[Category: MPEB Exams GK]

2. In which year Land Holder's society was established in India?
[Category: CAT Exams GK]

3. The islands of Yeonpyeong have been a disputed territory between which of the following?
[Category: CTET Exams GK]
[A]North Korea and Japan
[B]North Korea and South Korea
[C]North Korea and China
[D]South Korea and Japan

4. Which of the following diseases is very rare in women compared to the men affected with the same disorder?
[Category: IFSC Exams GK]
[B]Down syndrome
[D]Color blindness

5. The letter 'M' in MRF tires corresponds to which of the following?
[Category: MAT Exams GK]

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