Thursday, October 23, 2014

Current Affairs MCQs - 23 Oct 2014

1. Russian hackers on 11th September 2014 have leaked around ______________ Gmail Passwords and the account details have been posted on bitcoin forum by a user named Tvskit.
[Category: CTET Exams Current Affairs]
[A]Five million
[B]Two million
[C]Three million
[D]Four million

2. When did Union Government sought clarification from Supreme Court on its verdict on transgender?
[Category: IFSC Exams Current Affairs]
[A]7th September, 2014
[B]11th September 2014
[C]6th September, 2014
[D]9th Septemebr, 2014

3. The Supreme Court on 12th September 2014 ruled _________ quota for disabled persons in all government jobs.
[Category: MAT Exams Current Affairs]

4. Delhi government recently decided to charge cess of __________ on every packet of cigarette and every bottle of liquor in order to promote public transport
[Category: CIET Exams Current Affairs]
[A]Two rupees
[B]One rupee
[C]Five rupees
[D]Three rupees

5. What is the to the upper age limit fixed by RBI for Managing Directors (M.D) and Chief Executive Officers (CEO) in private sector banks?
[Category: REIT Exams Current Affairs]
[A]68 years
[B]65 years
[C]70 years
[D]72 years

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