Friday, October 17, 2014

Civil Services and Judiciary Exams Polity Quiz - 17 October 2014

1. Which among the following was not constituted as per the mandate of the constitution of India?
[A]Planning Commission
[B]Election Commission
[C]Finance Commission
[D]Inter-state Council

2. In which of the following objectives of the constitution were incorporated?
[C]Fundamental rights
[D]Directive Principles of state policy

3. Which of the following is incorrect?
[A]Fundamental rights in India are not absolute
[B]There are representatives of the people in Rajya Sabha
[C]Indian Costitution draws its authority from the People of India
[D]In India,freedom of religion is absolute

4. In which year Government of India banned conducting exit polls and publishing these results from the time the poll starts, until all the phases of the election are complete?

5. The parliament passed the Central Universities Amendment Bill in 2009 which cleared setting up of Central universities specially in ____________________.
[A]North East India
[C]Jammu and Kashmir

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