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Thursday, September 25, 2014

UPSC IAS CSAT, PCS, MPSC, RPSC, BanK Preparation Material - 25 Sep 2014

1. Establishment of Svetambara as a separate sect within Jainism was resulted at ___________________.
[Category: MPEB Exams GK]

2. The Fluvial Landforms are created by _________________.
[Category: CAT Exams GK]
[D]Mechanical Forces

3. Cape Agulhas makes the dividing point between which of the two oceans?
[Category: CTET Exams GK]
[A]Arctic Ocean and Atlantic Ocean
[B]Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean
[C]Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean
[D]Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean

4. Which of the following countries gives Gwangju prize for Human Rights?
[Category: IFSC Exams GK]
[A]South Korea

5. With which of the following diseases RTS,S is related to?
[Category: MAT Exams GK]
[C]Cervical Cancer