Friday, September 26, 2014

Science Quiz - Check how good are you in Sceince - 26 Sep 2014

1. When tectonic plates slide against each other, which of the following may result?
[A]Destructive plate margin
[B]Constructive plate margin

2. A red baloon is red because it __________________________.
[A]Reflects all white light
[B]Absorbs all white light
[C]Only reflects red light
[D]Only absorbs red light

3. The Earth's water cycle is powered by __________
[A]Energy of the earth rotation
[B]The wind
[C]The sun
[D]Radioactive decay

4. Which is an example of physical change?
[A]Cooking an egg
[B]Boiling water
[C]Burning wood
[D]Tarnishing silver

5. Which of the following is considered to be a gaseous planet?

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