Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sample Questions for Indian Polity - 3 Sep 2014

1. The fundamental duties were incorporated in the Indian Constitution in which year ?

2. The uniform civil code which has been recommended in the directive principles is to ensure which of the following?
[A]National Integration
[B]Fundamental Duties
[C]Fundamental Rights
[D]Economic Equality

3. A short notice question can be asked with a notice shorter than _________.
[A]5 clear days
[B]10 clear days
[C]8 clear days
[D]6 clear days

4. In which type of the question a written answer is desired?
[A]Short notice question
[B]Starred question
[C]Unstarred question
[D]Supplementary question

5. Which of the following committee made a recommendation that election commission should be a three member body ?
[A]Jeevan Reddy Committee
[B]Ashok Mehta Committee
[C]Chawla Committee
[D]Takunde Committee

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