Monday, September 1, 2014

Polity for GS for Competitive Exams - 1 Sep 2014

1. Which of the following parts of Indian constitution has only one article?
[A]Part XX
[B]Part XVII
[D]Part XXI

2. Which among the following Union Territory has a Judicial Commissioner?
[B]Daman and Diu

3. The functions of which of the following body in India are limited to advisory nature only?
[A]Legislative Assembly
[B]Legislative Council
[C]Lok Sabha
[D]Rajya Sabha

4. When a Chief Minister of outgoing minority government advises the Governor to dissolve the legislative assembly the Governor has to ______________________.
[A]Ask the President to impose President's rule
[B]Dismiss the assembly
[C]Work on own discretion
[D]Ask the High Court to advise

5. Which of the following articles makes the Supreme Court a Court of Record?

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