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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Multiple Choice Questions Answers General Science - 30 Sep 2014

1. A ball sitting at the top of the stairs is an example of ____________________.
[A]Potential energy
[B]Thermal energy
[C]Kinetic energy
[D]Chemical energy

2. Which organ produces insulin for the body?

3. A huge ocean wave that may be caused by earthquakes, often under the ocean floor, is called a ____________________.
[A]Rip tide

4. The semipermeable membrane which encloses the cytoplasm of plant and animal cells is called the ____________________.
[A]Nuclear membrane
[B]Endoplasmic reticulum
[C]Cell membrane
[D]Cell wall

5. Helium is an example of ________________.
[A]An element
[B]An alloy
[C]A compound
[D]A halogen