Tuesday, September 2, 2014

KS3 Science Tests Sample Questions Answers - 2 Sep 2014

1. Which acid is generally stored in batteries?
[A]Hydrochloric acid
[B]Sulphuric acid
[C]Nitric acid
[D]Acetic acid

2. Sugars are converted in the liver into ____________________.
[D]CO2 and H2O

3. Sodium chloride, Potassium chloride and Magnesium oxide are examples of molecules with _______________________.
[A]Covalent bonding
[B]Metallic bonding
[C]Ionic bonding
[D]Hydrogen bonding

4. Which acid can be used as an hypnotic acid?
[A]Benzoic acid
[B]Barbituric acid
[C]Butanoic acid
[D]Tartaric acid

5. What is the chemical name of quartz?
[A]Sodium phosphate
[B]Sodium silicate
[C]Calcium oxide
[D]Calcium phosphate

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