Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Indian Polity For UPSC Quiz Questions - 16 September 2014

1. Which among the following commission was set up in March 1950 ?
[A]The Election Commision
[B]The Planning Commission
[C]The Farmer's Commission
[D]The Finance Commission

2. Under which of the following articles comes the appointment of Administrator of the Union territory by the President of India?
[A]Article 236
[B]Article 242
[C]Article 239
[D]Article 237

3. The Advocate-General of an state shall hold office during the pleasure of _____?
[C]Council of Ministers
[D]Chief Minister

4. Sexual Harassment comes under which section of Indian Penal Code?

5. Which among the following is an incorrect statement?
[A]The corporation or company can claim a right under article 19 of the constitution
[B]Article 19 guarantees freedom of assembly
[C]Clause 2 to 6 deal with the restrictions on freedom
[D]Article 19 as well as 22 deal with personal liberties

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