Thursday, September 4, 2014

Indian Polity & Constitution for CLAT Exams - 4 September 2014

1. The amendment of the constitution can be initiated in which of the following?
[A]Any House of the Parliament
[B]Lok Sabha
[C]Rajya Sabha
[D]Any House of the Parliament and Assembly of a state

2. An appeal can be made in the Supreme Court of India in __________________________________.
[A]Civil and Constitutional matters
[B]Civil, Criminal and Constitutional matters
[C]Civil and Criminal matters
[D]Criminal and Constitutional matters

3. What is the minimum years of age for candidate for office of the Vice President?
[A]30 years
[B]25 years
[C]35 years
[D]40 years

4. Whom does Union Public Service Commission submits it annual report?
[A]Home Minister
[C]Prime Minister

5. In which year National Commission for Minorities was established?

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