Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Free Online Indian Polity Upsc Civil Practice and Preparation - 17 Sep 2014

1. Constitution Part IV (Article 36-51) contain the directive principles of state policy. In the following options bring out those which include the scope of Gandhian principles?
[A]Article 40, 47 and 48
[B]Article 47 only
[C]Article 40, 44, 50
[D]Article 40, 43, 44

2. Which among the following article says that "directive principles are not enforceable by any court but at the same time declared that they are nevertheless fundamental in the governance of the country and it shall be duty of the state to apply these principles in making laws?
[A]Article 32
[B]Article 37
[C]Article 39
[D]Article 38

3. Which among the following was the first programme launched by Government of India to implement the article 47 of the directive principles of state policy ?
[A]Integrated rural development programme
[B]Desert development Programme
[C]Community development programme
[D]Drought prone areas programme

4. In which year a non statutory minority commission was established in India ?

5. Who among the following was the chairman of the First National Commission for Women?
[A]Dr. Poornima Advani
[B]Jayanti Patnaik
[C]Dr. Girija Vyas
[D]Mohini Giri

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