Friday, August 29, 2014

Polity and Constitution Objective Questions Answers Quiz - 29 Aug 2014

1. Which among the following Bill will not be lapsed, in the event of dissolution of House?
[A]Any bill pending in Rajya Sabha & not passed by Lok Sabha
[B]Any bill pending in Lok Sabha
[C]Any Bill passed by the Rajya Sabha and pending in Lok Sabha Sabha
[D]Any Bill passed by the Lok Sabha and pending in Rajya Sabha Sabha

2. Which among the following statement is correct?
[A]Only Governor occupies constitutional position
[B]Both Governor and President occupy constitutional position
[C]Only President occupies constitutional Position
[D]Neither President nor Governor occupy constitutional position

3. The power to create or abolish legislative council in states is vested with which among the following?
[A]Council of state ministers
[B]Governor of the state
[C]Legislative Assembly of the state
[D]Chief Minister of the state

4. ____________________ sets up family courts in India.
[A]State/Union Territory government
[B]Governor of states
[C]Supreme Court
[D]Union Government

5. Which among the following committees recommended to set up an "Equal Opportunity Commission"?
[A]Sarkaria Commission
[B]Bhagawati Committee
[C]Sachar Committee
[D]Chawla Committee

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