Thursday, August 14, 2014

Perfect Preparation for Public Policy quizzes - 14 Aug 2014

1. What was the strength of Lok Sabha after India's first general elections?

2. The right to constitutional remedies allows Indian citizens to stand up for their rights against anybody even the government of India. Which article says this? 
[A]Article 31
[B]Article 36
[C]Article 32
[D]Article 27

3. By which Act, dyarchy was introduced in India?
[A]Act of 1927
[B]Act of 1919
[C]Act of 1930
[D]Act of 1934

4. Who among the following can terminate the legislative council of a state?
[A]Members of Legislative Council by adopting a resolution
[B]State Council of Ministers
[C]Members of Legislative Assembly by making a law
[D]Members of the State by advice of Chief Minister

5. The Promulgation of an ordinance by a President is done when ________________________________.
[A]When any house of the Parliament passes the resolution
[B]When Council of Ministers advises the President
[C]When Supreme Court advises the President
[D]President feels that ordinance should be promulgated (on discretion)

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