Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Indian Polity & Constitution - General Knowledge - 12 Aug 2014

1. In whose name all the contracts of the Government of India are concluded?
[A]Prime Minister of India
[B]President of India
[C]Finance Minister of India
[D]Finance Secretary of India

2. Which among the following article deals with the suspension of provisions of article 19 during emergencies?

3. The qualifications of a candidate for Attorney General must be equivalent to _____________________.
[A]A Judge of High Court
[B]A Judge of Supreme Court
[C]A minimum practice of 10 years in high court
[D]A minimum practice of 10 years in supreme court

4. In which of the following situations a President can establish an Inter-State Council? 
[A]When it appears to him/her that it would be serving the public interest
[B]When the parliament passes a law
[C]During an emergency
[D]During a natural calamity

5. Who among the following has been given right to legislate on residuary subjects? 
[A]State government
[B]Central government
[D]Both central and state governments

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