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Thursday, August 28, 2014

General Knowledge MCQs - 28 August 2014

1. Which country launched the first artificial satellite?
[Category: CTET Exams GK]

2. Which among the following was the first instance of British Intervention in Socio cultural field in India?
[Category: IFSC Exams GK]
[A]Abolition of Sati
[B]Widow remarriage
[C]Female infanticide
[D]Age of consent

3. Havana (Cuba) is famous for which of the following industries?
[Category: MAT Exams GK]
[A]Tea Processing
[D]Iron and Steel

4. Baba Amte is known for which of the following social work?
[Category: CIET Exams GK]
[A]Work for landless labourers
[B]Work for poor and homeless people
[C]Work for leprosy patients
[D]Work to save Ganga

5. Which among the following is not a part of World Bank?
[Category: REIT Exams GK]
[A]International Monetary Fund
[B]International Development Association
[C]Asian Develoment Bank
[D]International Finance Corporation