Monday, August 18, 2014

Daily General Science Quiz - 18 August 2014

1. A person who is pulling a bucket filled with water falls behind with the sudden break of the rope. Which of the following laws of Newton comes into action?
[A]Second Law
[B]First Law
[C]Third Law
[D]All Laws

2. When a barometer is taken down in a coal mine , which of the following happens with the Mercury level in the tube?
[C]Falls then rises
[D]Rises then falls

3. What will be the motion of a bullet which is fired horizontally from a Supersonic jet Fighter which too is moving horizontally to the surface of the Earth? 
[B]Straight Line

4. Which among the following character of mercury makes it suitable to use in barometers instead of water?
[A]High density and high vapour pressure
[B]Low density and good conductor of heat
[C]Low density and low vapour pressure
[D]High density and low vapour pressure

5. Which of the following are found in the nucleus of Deuterium ?
[A]2 protons
[B]1 proton and 1 neutron
[C]1 proton and 1 electron
[D]1 proton only

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