Tuesday, July 8, 2014

GS Exam Prep - IPC (Indian Policy and Constitution) Quiz - 08 July 2014

1. In which year was the Committee on Public Undertakings constituted by the Lok Sabha?

2. The Comptroller & Auditor General of India does not audit the receipts and expenditure of _____________________________.
[A]State Governments
[B]Government companies
[C]Municipal undertakings
[D]Central Government

3. What is the question asked orally after the question hour in the House called?
[A]Starred question
[B]Supplementary question
[C]Short notice question
[D]Detailed question

4. In the year __________, the decision of separating accounting function from audit function was taken by the Central Government for its financial administration.

5. Under which Article of the Constitution of India did the District Planning Committee come into existence?
[A]242 ZD
[B]243 ZE
[C]243 ZD
[D]241 ZD

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