Thursday, July 3, 2014

General Studies Knowledge (GK) Questions Answers Quiz - 03 July 2014

1. Who was known as Bengal's Greta Garbo?
[Category: Famous Personalities GK]
[A]Suchitra Sen
[B]Kanan Devi
[C]Moonmoon Sen
[D]Sabitri Chatterji

2. Which is the only African State that is not the member of the African union?
[Category: World Bodies GK]

3. World's largest tiger reserve,"Hukawang Valley Tiger Reserve" is located in _____________________.
[Category: Largest Smallest GK]

4. The Sangai festival is organised in which state of India?
[Category: Festivals GK]
[D]Arunachal Pradesh

5. The Helmand province of Afghanistan is famous for cultivation of ____________.
[Category: World Geography GK]

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