Thursday, July 3, 2014

General Science Questions with Answers - 03 July 2014

1. What did J.B.Dunlop invent?
[A]High technology solar glass
[B]Pneumatic rubber tire
[C]Automobile wheel rim
[D]Aluminium wheels

2. Which test is used for diagnosis of colour blindness in people?
[A]Ishihara test
[B]Rorschach test
[C]Elisa test
[D]Widal test

3. Which arifical sweetener is not broken down by the body and therefore is non-caloric?

4. What is the science of using mechanical devices with human muscle skeleton and nervous system to assist or enhance motor control lost by trauma or disease called?

5. ____________________ discovered the radioactive element radium.
[A]Marie Curie
[B]Michael Faraday
[C]Wilhelm Wien
[D]Joseph Stefan

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