Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 09 July 2014

1. When did Google launch the Project- Android One to build ultra cheap smartphone at Google I/O 2014 in San Francisco?
[Category: Technology Current Affairs]
[A]25th June, 2014
[B]22nd June, 2014
[C]20th June, 2014
[D]26th June, 2014

2. Which country on 22nd June, 2014 ratified the Additional Protocol with the International Atomic Energy Agency?
[Category: International Current Affairs]

3. When was International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking observed?
[Category: Important Days Current Affairs]
[A]27th June, 2104
[B]26th June, 2014
[C]24th June, 2014
[D]23rd June, 2014

4. By how many months did the Union Government on 26th June, 2014 extended the deadline for implementing the National Food Security Act?
[Category: Latest Current Affairs]
[A]10 months
[B]3 months
[C]6 months
[D]8 months

5. Which Indian state government on 26th June, 2014 launched 'Amma Pharmacy' to sell quality medicines at a lower price?
[Category: PCS Current Affairs]
[A]Madhya Pradesh
[B]Andhra Pradesh
[D]Tamil Nadu

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