Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Polity and Constitution of India Quiz - 24 June 2014

1. The members of Lok Sabha hold office for a term of ____ years.

2. On what grounds can the President dissolve the Lok Sabha?
[A]Recommendation of the Lok Sabha
[B]Recommendation of the Rajya Sabha
[C]Advice of the Chief Justice of India
[D]Advice of the Prime Minister

3. The pension of a High Court Judge is charged to the _____________________________.
[A]Contingency Fund of India
[B]Consolidated Funds of the different states where he has served
[C]Consolidated Fund of India
[D]Consolidated Fund of the state where he last served

4. The present Lok Sabha is the _____________________.
[A]18th Lok Sabha
[B]16th Lok Sabha
[C]14th Lok Sabha
[D]17th Lok Sabha

5. The power to decide an election petition is vested in the ____________________.
[A]High Courts
[B]Supreme Court
[C]Election Commission

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