Friday, June 13, 2014

General Knowledge Online Practice Test - 13 June 2014

1. Which Committee set up by the RBI has the mandate to study issues and concerns in the micro-finance sector?
[Category: IBPS CWE GK]
[A]Sachar Committtee
[B]Y.H.Malegam Committee
[C]Balwant Rai Mehta Committee
[D]Mashelkar Committee

2. Which Sikh guru gave Sikhs a permanent organisation with regular sources of income?
[Category: RRB Allahabad GK]
[A]Guru Gobindsingh
[B]Guru Arjan Dev
[C]Guru Ram Das
[D]Guru Amar Das

3. ____________________ is concerned with inequality in distribution of family income.
[Category: SSB Exams GK]
[A]Laffer Curve
[B]Gini Multiplier
[C]Gini Index
[D]Lorenz Curve

4. When was the Asian Games last held in India?
[Category: Sports GK]

5. Who is known as the Flying Sikh of India?
[Category: Famous Personalities GK]
[A]Milkha Singh
[B]Kapil Dev
[C]Navjot Singh Sidhu
[D]Harbhajan Singh

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