Friday, June 6, 2014

Current Affairs Daily e-Magazine Questions Answers | 06 June 2014

1. Which of the following became the 29th state of India on 2nd June, 2014?
[Category: India Latest Current Affairs]

2. Who topped the Forbes Most Poweful Women List, 2014?
[Category: Famous Persons Current Affairs]
[A]Arundhati Bhattacharya
[B]Angela Merkel
[C]Chanda Kochhar
[D]Melinda Gates

3. Who sworn in as the first Chief Minister of Telangana on 2nd June,2014?
[Category: Indian Politics Current Affairs]
[A]Manohar Parrikar
[B]Chandrashekhar Rao
[C]Dr. Raman Singh
[D]Naveen Patnaik

4. Who was the last US prisoner to have been freed in the swap deal with Taliban on 1st June, 2014?
[Category: World Politics Current Affairs]
[A]Arthur Ashe
[B]Rob Beckley
[C]Harvey Abraham
[D]Bowe Bergdahl

5. Which country's king announced on 2nd June, 2014 to abdicate the throne due to health problems?
[Category: International Current Affairs]

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