Thursday, June 26, 2014

Constitution of India & Indian Polity Quiz - 26 June 2014

1. The authority to alter the boundaries of states in India rests with the ______________________.
[A]State Government
[D]Prime Minister

2. What was Sarkaria Commission concerned with?
[A]Financial reforms
[B]Electoral reforms
[C]Judicial reforms
[D]Central State relations

3. The position of Chief Minister is ________________________________.
[A]Identical to that of the President
[B]Similar to that of the Prime Minister
[C]Not Constitutional
[D]Similar to the position of President and Prime Minister

4. The President can dismiss a member of the Council of Ministers
[A]On the recommendation of the Prime Ministers
[B]With the consent of the speaker
[C]On his own
[D]Only under emegency conditions

5. Who can propose the name of a candidate for the office of President of India?
[A]Any 10 members of the Electoral College
[B]Any one member of the Electoral College
[C]Any five members of the Parliament
[D]Any five citizens of India

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