Tuesday, May 27, 2014

General Science Multiple Choice Questions With Answers | 27 May 2014

1. On a molecular level, why water is such a good solvent?
[A]It is polar
[B]It is non-polar
[C]It leads to wetness
[D]It contains hydrogen which itself is a good solvent

2. Glycolysis is a process which breaks glucose down into _____________.

3. What controls the involuntary body functions such as breathing and heart rhythms?
[B]Frontal lobe
[C]Occipital lobe
[D]Medulla oblongata

4. Who discovered that certain elements follow a pattern and have similar properties, thus creating the Periodic Table of the Elements?

5. Which astronomer and mathematician was the first to invent an automobile?
[A]Emile Berliner
[B]Ferdinand Verbiest
[C]Charles Babbage
[D]Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel

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