Sunday, May 18, 2014

General Science Multiple Choice Questions Bank - 18 May 2014

1. How many sperm cells are produced by males each second?

2. How much time does the light take to travel from the sun's surface to the earth?
[A]5mins 10 secs
[B]8 mins 17 secs
[C]2 mins 25 secs
[D]15 mins 19 secs

3. Who invented the thermometer?
[A]Albert Einstein
[B]Graham Bell
[C]Alfred Nobel

4. Who won the first Nobel prize for physics for discovering X-Rays?
[A]Wilhelm Rontgen
[B]Charles Babbage
[C]Emile Berliner
[D]Thomas Edison

5. How much time does an individual blood cell take to make a complete circuit of the body?
[A]45 secs
[B]20 secs
[C]60 secs
[D]90 seconds

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